Offered, but not limited to:


  • SINGING: Songs, Commercials, Jingles, Vocalizing, Soundtrack, Soloist, Backup/Harmony
    • Singing languages: Italian, Spanish, French, German, English, Latin
  • COMMERCIAL: Various types; casual, standard, soft-sell, dialogue, storytelling, tags/donuts (not the kind you eat).
  • TELEPHONY: Message on Hold, IVR(Interactive Voice Response)
  • INSPIRATION & RELAXATION: Visualization, Affirmation, Self-help, Meditation, Yoga
  • WEB: Apps, Banner Ads, Webinars, Interactive/Self-guided Tours, On-line Tutorials, Internet Ads, Podcasts.
  • NON-PROFIT: Public Service Announcements, Telephone Messages, Radio and Television Commercials, Website Tutorials
  • KIDS: Educational Games, Computers, Books, ESL